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The Seed.Coop platform connects members to build sustainable and just cooperatives.

Cooperatives can use Seed.Coop to kickstart membership, raise funds, and drive social engagement.

Supporters discover innovative coops while building community around shared vision and needs.

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These coops are building the platforms of the future. You can learn more about their work, connect with them as they grow, and pledge to join as part of their membership drives. When emerging coops get the pledges they need to succeed, your dues will be processed and a brighter future seeded.
Our mission is to use technology, shared ownership, and community to grow local economies. We provide our owners, local service professional
The Goal of Coopify is to create a supportive space to fuel the cooperative movement. Coopify is a mobile first platform with multilingual support that allows coops world-wide to coordinate their services with ease, accept both cash and credit payments, send referrals, and stay competitive in the digital age.

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